WEBINAR: How To Instantly Stop Foreclosures – What Real Estate Professionals Need to Know.

Dear Colleague,


What can be more urgent for a homeowner than needing to STOP a

foreclosure that is just about to happen? When your client’s property is

about to be foreclosed the next morning, nothing may be more urgent for

you too!





On February 2nd, I will be hosting a one and a half hour LIVE online

Webinar that will teach you precisely how to STOP foreclosures in order

to give you enough time to complete your real estate deal. This is an

invaluable tool you will NEED to succeed this year.




     Tuesday, February 2nd - 4:00pm to 5:30pm PST



Attend this webinar and discover what financial institutions do not want

home owners to know. There are easy ways to instantly POSTPONE



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Here is What You Will Learn:


** Understanding Foreclosure Sales.  (The More knowledge you have about this

process, the more control you will have on your real estate deals)


**  6 methods to STOP Foreclosure (It’s being done all the time under

the guidance of your most successful colleagues. When you know these

methods, you will expand your profit possibilities too.)


** Putting Time on Your Side. (It’s all about timing. We will teach you

how to control the timing, so you can control your real estate deal)


** Step By Step Execution Strategies (We will teach you the intricate

steps to take for each method.)


** Document Details & Logistics (Mastering the document process will

make you the master of the deal.  Banks just don’t have time and

resources to dedicate to each and every situation.)


** Avoiding Hidden Pitfalls (Understanding where the land mines are will

keep you and your clients out of trouble.)



Plus Participate in a LIVE Online Q & A Expert Panel with the Experts:


Any questions you have will be answered by my expert panel of trained

attorneys. Portland attorneys Chris Schwindt and Lisa Porter will be there for 

you. These attorneys normally charge $250 per hour but they have made 

themselves available for this special occasion.


- Lisa Porter specializes in financial consumer protection litigation.

Banks and collectors are scared of her. If you have been wronged by a

bank, she may even make you money!


- Chris Schwindt specializes in real estate law. Have questions about

foreclosure, loan modifications, etc.? He is maybe the best in Portland.


- Oscar Morante, Realtor. NW Loss Mitigation and Century 21. Expert in

short sales, foreclosures, author and do it your self debt settlement



NOTE: This is a serious, content driven event. Not a free dog and pony

show to sell you something. ONLY 100 SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE on a first

come, first served basis.



                 Click Here:   http://www.bestshortsales.com/events.html/



Tuition:         ONLY $40



(Log in from anywhere you have an internet connection)





Real Life Applications of this Valuable 90 Minute Webinar:


** Broaden Your Real Estate Transaction Skills.


** Reduce Risk of Commission and Profit Loss.


**  Increase SHORT SALES Negotiation Leverage.


**  Have Control Over Your Real Estate Deals.


**  Create More Time for Your Clients to Find a New Home.




Still not sure?  Here is a testimonial from last month’s webinar:


Testimonial: “I am a Realtor in San Diego. Most of what we do is Short

Sales and related distressed property transactions. I deal a lot with

foreclosure situations. Oscar’s foreclosure postponement webinar is

first class. The information is immediately applicable, easy to

understand and super well presented. I applied what I learned the same

week! I highly recommend Oscar’s Last Minute Foreclosure Stop Webinar.

It is a must for all real estate professionals. I also took Oscar’s

Short Sales A-Z course and bought some of his software. It is all



- O. Garcia, Real Estate Agent for Executive Realty Group,

San Diego, CA





Contact  me directly at:


Oscar Morante

Advanced Real Estate Concepts, LLC

9220 SW Barbur Blvd. Suite 119 – #159

Portland, Or 97219

Ph: 971-222-3435

Fx: 503-296-5663

email: oscar@BestShortSales.com

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