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                About us

                Chengdu Newnew Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., is a large industrialized agriculture and animal husbandry company specializing in ecological feed, premix, large-scale ecological farming, animal husbandry and enterprise consulting services.

                With the development of ecological farming and supporting industrial chain, our company has formed a comprehensive service system and excellent management team.

                With "green, environment-friendly, organic and high efficiency" as its responsibility, our company studies how to reduce the production cost, improve labor efficiency, improve livestock and poultry safety with high quality, lower market risk, increase economic benefits and other issues!

                Our company has built strong technical support collaboration with the following institutions: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan Agricultural University, Southwest Minzu University.

                The senior management of the company have many years of experience in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry, not only in management but also in operational excellency.

                Our company has three business units, one subsidiary and two affiliated companies: animal health department, trade department and nutrition department; Sichuan Ease-ZnO Bio-tec Co., Ltd.; Chengdu Newnew Feed Co., Ltd., Chengdu Xueying Animal Science and Technology Industrial Co., Ltd..

                Our company and its affiliates adhere to the core mentality of "Create and Share together" and strive to cultivate the "Cherish, Grateful and Selfless" company culture.

                In addition, our company conducts philosophy of “people-orientation, integrity, work ethics, no-excuse”, striving small progress every day. Our company sees itself as a social responsibility citizen, advocating environment-protection, food safety,development of organic ecological agriculture, and enriching farmers in various ways,

                Based on its leading role of industrialization in agriculture and animal husbandry field, our company follows the breeding industry development needs closely, depended on its own professional and technical advantages, researches and develops the best product of its kind in an innovative and consistent way to make positive contribution to the construction of ecological farming and ecological agriculture in China!


                Our team

                庆云县能源有限公司 遂宁市杂果有限公司 莒县能源有限公司 广汉市动植物油有限公司 浦江县坚果有限公司 单县咖啡有限公司
                遵义市广告有限公司 庆云县竹木有限公司 广安市坚果有限公司 宝鸡市坚果有限公司 微山县木炭有限公司 苍南县水果有限公司
                六盘水市培训有限公司 陇南市杂果有限公司 鱼台县培训有限公司 无棣县仪器有限公司 德清县食用菌有限公司 绵竹市花木有限公司